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Fundacion Espriu
Contact info
Av. Josep Tarradellas 123-127 4ª (08029-Barcelona) - C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 12 - 3ª Edif. ASISA (28027-Madrid)

The Espriu Foundation brings together Spanish institutions that practice the cooperative healthcare model created by Dr. Josep Espriu, a health service delivery system based on an organizational vision of health, open to solidary and shared management, committed to the social conception of health care, which does not make commercial profitability its reason for being and which puts the patient as the axis of their actions.

The main objective of theEspriu Foundationis to ensure the evolution, promotion and defense of health cooperatives, thus constituting a forum for knowledge about the problems and solutions necessary to advance in the improvement of health protection systems. Its activities are aimed at representingon of health cooperatives before national and international institutions, to research and dissemination of cooperative management of health and the training of professionals.