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Federación Nacional de Cofradías de Pescadores (FNCP)

Federación Nacional de Cofradías de Pescadores (FNCP)

C/ Hernani, n° 54 - Escalera Izq. - 1º F. 28020 - MADRID

Phone: 91 531 98 04
Fax: 91 531 63 20


The National Federation of Fishermen groups within it to 196 Fishermen distributed among the following Autonomous Communities: Catalonia 30 Brotherhoods, Baleares 16, Valencia 22, Murcia 4, Andalusia 16, Galicia 62, Asturias 19, Cantabria 2, Canarias 24, Ceuta 1 and 20 Provincial Federations Cofradies, representing more than 10,000 vessels, mainly engaged in inshore fishing number. Guilds affiliates are small owners and fishermen listed in the Special Regime of the Sea, which together amount to more than 30,000 members, also also in the Cofradies affiliates shellfish and shellfish (walking and afloat), representing a figure greater than 5,000 (most of them self-employed contributors in the Special Regime of the Sea) are. The Fishermen's Associations and the National Federation are recognized by the Sea Fisheries Actítima State (Law 3/2001) as organizations with more presence in the Spanish coast for its current tradition and importance.

Economic Magnitudes 2019

33 Lonjas managed by the brotherhoods.
46,723 Millions Euros billing auction.
850 No. Workers (both fish market, offices, etc.) 152 brotherhoods (managed or rashers).

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