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Corporación MONDRAGON
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Pº José Mª Arizmendiarrieta, 5 20500 - Mondragón - GUIPUZCOA

The MONDRAGON Corporation has completed over half a century, developing a successful formula that has allowed cooperative push-ups solidarity, participatory and effective, based on the People and the Sovereignty of Labour. From a humble vocational school and a simple workshop appliances, MONDRAGON has become the main reference in developing global cooperation on the tenth business group in Spain in terms of turnover and the first of the Basque Country.

The Corporation will integrate financial, industrial and commercial distribution and an important area of knowledge, which includes a network of 14 research centers, university cooperative "Mondragon" and several vocational schools and policy.

The MONDRAGON Corporation closed the year 2011 successfully, to achieve a profit of 125 million euros, and manage to maintain employment levels last year.

These results have been obtained mainly by the diversity of the supply business of MONDRAGON, for its growing presence in international markets, And the firm commitment to innovation that has allowed 20.5% of sales in the Industrial Area in 2011 were new products and services, nonexistent five years ago.

Regarding the presence in foreign markets, this year there has been abrand in the chapter on international sales to reach Industry Area 3.973 million euros, an increase of 10.5% over 2010. As a result, the rate of the total international sales, amounted to 67% in 2011, with an increase of 4 percentage points compared to 2010.

The outdoor network deployments has experienced remarkable growth to reach the 94 subsidiaries (17 more than last year), with established presence in Europe and in emerging countries like China, Brazil, India and Russia. In this regard it is noteworthy the FPK new business projects in Brazil and Germany, Cikautxo in China and India, Maier in India, and Orona in France,Belgium and Luxembourg.

For its part, the amount for investment in R + D + i is 165 million euros, indicating the importance of innovation for the group. Special attention is Orona IDEO, an innovative project at the European level which will design the systems accessibility and mobility of the future, and will be a reference urban space will facilitate interaction between centerstechnological universities and companies.