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Confederación de Cooperativas de Viviendas de España - CONCOVI
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C/ Alberto Aguilera, 38, planta 1; 28015 - MADRID

Established in 1988, by adaptation of the Law on Cooperatives of 1987, the National Union of Housing Cooperatives created in 1961, CONCOVI, is the only State level organisation of the Housing Cooperative Movement. It brings together housing cooperatives through their Territorial Federations and Unions and those which are direct members when no Federation exists in their region. The main objective of the Confederation is to represent the member Cooperative Institutions at national and international level, to defend their general interest before Institutions and Bodies of the General State Administration and collaborate with other social partners in the field of housing promotions, as well as informing, disseminating and training people linked to the Housing Cooperative Movement through information, technical, legislative meetings,  univerisity courses, regional and national seminars, etc.

Before the abolition of official aid to the promotion of housing property, in the State Housing Plan 2013-2016 prioritized rehabilitation of dwellings protected and free, being compulsory, in accordance with the law on rehabilitation, regeneration and urban redevelopment for buildings built before 1984; of housing cooperatives has hundreds of buildings in such a situation by having built housing cooperatives since 1911. So CONCOVI through their federations and unions territorial pay preferential attention to this activity.

It is also represented at the European Committee to Coordinate Social Housing (CECODHAS), with headquarters in Brussels, being part of its Governing Bodies, especially the organisation"s Cooperatives Section.

5 federations are represented at CONCOVI, bringing together 4,308 housing cooperatives. The Confederation has generated 105,200 indirect jobs in 2013, with 1,532,524 housing members. Cooperatives had a turnover of 447 million Euros in 2013.