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C/ rúa de Tomiño, 22, entresuelo, 15703 Santiago de Compostela (a Coruña),

The Forum is an Association that is constituted to associate in it the whole of the Social Economy of Galicia through the collaboration of the representative organizations of the Companies of the Social Economy of Galicia and, where appropriate, of entities of the same nature .

The competences of the Association in relation to those that correspond to its associated entities will be governed in accordance and in accordance with its Statutes, so that each member entity maintains its identity and functions, and the activity of the Forum will focus on those representative topics, defense, promotionón and promotion that are of common interest to all the organizations of Companies (and companies that are part of them) of the Social Economy of Galicia.

The Association pursues as fundamental purposes the representation, development, promotion and defense of the Social Economy in Galicia and, in particular:

• The integration of all Social Economy Companies in and through the Organizations that represent the Social Economy Companies of Galicia.

• Encourage the development of activities to promote Social Economy Companies, so that this group continues to grow, generating collective wealth, creating quality employment and contributing to sustainable development, territorial cohesion and social equity in Galicia.

• Establish adequate mechanisms to favor and articulate the coordination of the different organizations that represent the Social Economy Companies of Galicia.

• Promote and exercise the representation of the Forum before the Government of Galicia, Institutions and public and private organizations of Galicia, in those areas where economic, social and political matters that affect the activity of the Social Economy Companies of Galicia are discussed .

• Contribute to the development of Social Economy Companies by supporting their professionalization and collaboration between them and between the organizations that represent them in the search for alliances, synergies and greater added value.