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Calle Alameda de Hércules, 32-33 - 41002 - SEVILLA

Phone: 954 902 966 689651971
Fax: 954 902 958


AndalucíaEScoop is the cooperative platform promoted by Cooperatives Agro-alimentary de Andalucía and Faecta (Andalusian Federation of Cooperative Work Companies) and which also includes their women's organizations, AMECOOP (Association of Cooperative Business Women of Andalusia) and AMCAE -Andalusia (Asociacion of Women of Agro-food Cooperatives of Andalusia).

AndalucíaEScoop represents all entities of the Andalusian social economy that adhere to the principles set out in Law 5/2011, of March 29

Its objective is to promote intercooperation in matters of social economy, defend their interests before the institutions, influence public policies and, ultimately, promote the growth of Andalusian social economy companies, with special emphasis on employment, the economy and sustainable development.

Is aintegrating and backbreaking platform, which brings together the most representative organizations of Andalusian cooperativism and acts as an interlocutor in the face of common interests for the development of the cooperative sector under the following maxims:

  • Defense and promotion of the interests of the Social Economy, understanding as such all those that integrate the following principles and values:
  • The establishment of actions aimed at social dialogue and institutional participation in public bodies, both of the local Administration and of the Autonomous Community, of the State or of international scope, in order to defend the interests that are its own
  • The creation and organization of common services for the benefit of the organizations that comprise it
  • Thepromotion of everything that may benefit the development of the business and / or professional activity of their organizations
  • The representation and defense of the common interests of the organizations integrated in it before the Administration and society.
  • Thepromotion of studies, surveys, analysis, research and publications related to the Social Economy , for the benefit of both its associates and third parties
  • The promotion of training
  • The promotion of equal opportunities between men and women, as well as the promotion of the participation and presence of women in political, economic, cultural and social life
  • Carrying out international cooperation activities for development
  • Any activity that defends the interests of the social economy



Agro-food cooperatives of Andalusia


Amcae Andalucía



-Employment in the Social Economy in Andalusia : 82,012 direct jobs, of which 68,765 (83.85%) correspond to jobs in cooperatives and 13,247 (16.15%)

- Companies : 5,651 companies, of which 3,760 (66.54%) are cooperatives

- Turnover : 10% of Andalusian GDP