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LABORPAR (Federación Empresarial de Sociedades Laborales y Participadas de España)
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The Business Federation of Labor Societies and Investee Companies of Spain "LABORPAR", created under Law 44/2015 of October 14 on Labor and Investee Companies, aims to represent and defend labor companies before public administrations, private entities, social agents and interest groups of a state or international nature.
The Labor Society was born as a business model, in the field of the social economy recognized in our legal system since 1986, having an intersectoral character.
As of June 30, 2020, there are some 8,000 labor societies, directly employing 55,000 people.
The Labor Society aligns its values with the principles of the social economy, putting the center of activity on people, through a democratic and participatory management.
The labor society assumes the promotion of internal solidarity and with society and the commitment to the territory, equal opportunities, sustainability, social cohesion and the generation of stable and quality employment, all based on business projects with the capacity to generate wealth and with equitable redistribution systems based on the work of its partners.