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CEPES Aragón

CEPES Aragón

Mas de las Matas, 20 Oficina, 15 (Vivero de emprendedores).


The Association of Social Economy of Aragon (CEPES Aragón), constituted in 2014, is an association of regional scope and of intersectorial character, that integrates to the diverse existing economic activities under the concept of the social economy in Aragón, which makes it a benchmark for the Social Economy in our Autonomous Community and a platform for institutional dialogue with public authorities.

Among its aims are the defense of the interests of its associated entities and, in particular:

a) To promote and defend the interests of the Social Economy and the sectors that comprise it.

b) Organize and create common services of any nature, particularly informative for the benefit of the organizations that comprise it.

c) Establish actions aimed at social dialogue and institutional participation in the public bodies of the Central State Administration and other European and international organizations, in order to defend their own interests.

d) Promote and encourage what can benefit the best development of the business and / or professional activity of their organizations.

e) Promote training in all its forms and modalities.

f) Promote studies, analyzes, surveys, research and publications related to the Social Economy, for the benefit of its member members or third parties.

g) In general, any activity that, within the scope of its competence, directly leads to the most effective defense of the interests of the Social Economy.

The Association of Social Economy of Aragon groups 10 organizations, all of them are federations, platforms or autonomous coordinators and specific business groups, representing the interests of Associations, Foundations, Cooperatives, Labor Societies, Mutualities, Companies of Insertionand Special Employment Centers.

It is the only organization that represents all the families of the Social Economy in the Autonomous Community of Aragon, and groups more than 400,000 people and 20,000 workers. The federations and platforms that constitute it are the Aragonese Association of Companies of Insertion (AREI), the AssociationAragonesa of Cooperatives and Labor Societies (ASES), the Committee of entities representing persons with disabilities (CERMI Aragón), the Agro-alimentary Cooperatives of Aragón, the Aragonese Coordinator of Volunteering, the Aragonese Federation of Solidarity (FAS), the Employer Aragonesa de la Discapacidad (PADIS), the Econom Networkía Alternativa y Solidaria de Aragón (REAS Aragón), the Aragonese Network of Social Entities for Inclusion and the Unit of Teaching Cooperatives in Aragón (UCEA).

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