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Unión Nacional de Cooperativas de Mar de España - UNACOMAR

Unión Nacional de Cooperativas de Mar de España - UNACOMAR

Apdo. de correos 43 - Edificio de Cooperativas del Mar. Puerto Pesquero. 08350 - Arenys de Mar - Barcelona

Phone: 93 795 82 44
Fax: 93 792 02 50


The National Cooperative Union of the Sea of Spain (UNACOMAR), Founded in 1940, represents all of the Sea Cooperative Spain and has some that, since its inception, have had banner creation and promotion of numerous cooperatives in the sector: Cooperative Fisheries Shipowners, Worker Cooperatives , Cooperative Shellfish. Ammunition Cooperatives, Cooperatives and Cooperative Services Aquaculture.

The organization, apart from displaying the representation of its members before the Administration and the defense of their common interests, is integrated into other higher-level representative organizations such as CEPES, COPA-COGECA, (Brussels) and MEDISAMAK(International Association of Professional Fish Countries bordering the Mediterranean), as part of their Boards and their representatives to be present in all the Regional Councils of EU Fisheries Provides all services to cooperatives and their members as such . Operates in the following sectors: fishing vessels, cooling networks, fish markets,fuel supply, shellfishing, supplies, and aquaculture. Currently represents the interests of 200 cooperatives, having generated 10,000 jobs.

For operating purposes, in addition to its headquarters in Madrid, operates in two sub-branches: one for the Bay of Biscay and Atlantic residing in the Cooperative of Shipowners of the Port of Vigo and other sub-headquarters in Arenys de Mar (Barcelona) attending the activities of cooperatives in the Mediterranean.

Economic Data 2010

200 cooperatives
2,000 members working
10,000 employees
500 autonomous

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