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One of the strategic lines that characterises the line of activity followed by CEPES is to increase the prominence of Social Economy on the international stage and for it to be acknowledged as a stakeholder that can contribute solutions to the main global challenges.

CEPES focuses its efforts on Europe, the Mediterranean region and Latin America with the aim of supporting Social Economy enterprises that play a significant role in stable job creation, fostering sustainable local development and generating social environments that are conducive to greater equal opportunities for people.

In this regard, CEPES cooperates with the main international organizations representing Social Economy, such as Social Economy Europe, Cooperatives Europe and the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA), of which CEPES is a member, or the Mont-Blanc Meetings, by organizing events and leading initiatives that foster and defend Social Economy at an international level, such as the United Nations defining the International Objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Furthermore, CEPES is in close connection to the main international organisations linked to the development of Social Economy, such as:

The work carried out by CEPES, together with many other national and international stakeholders, is making Social Economy a point of reference for European institutions and other international organisations in regard to building a new economic model that is more transparent, more sustainable and more responsible, with a strong socioeconomic standing, as these figures show: