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It is necessary to encourage the entrepreneur and SMEs and their access to finance

13 12 2012

As stated, Juan Antonio Pedreño, president of the Employers of Social Economy

The head of the Spanish Social Economy sector highlighted as a key to exit the recession

(Madrid, December 13, 2012) - The president of the Spanish Business Confederation of Social Economy (CEPES), Juan Antonio Pedreño, Said this morning in Madrid as part of the Day Financing alternatives for social economy enterprises, "it is necessary to encourage the entrepreneur and the SME, as well as their access to financing in order to facilitate growth of the economy and employment. "

Pedreño also noted that "it is essential to make visible all funding mechanisms to entrepreneurs and SMEs that from the public and private sectors are being generated, since, most of them are unknown to current and future entrepreneurs."

According to the president of CEPES, despite the current crisis, are still created various financial instruments continue to place value on the different ways to create jobs that are being developed today.

The conference was held under the name of "Alternative Financing for Social Economy enterprises." Alongside CEPES, in organizing it, have participated the Contract Labour Directorate, CSR Social Economy and the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, Cajamar Caja Rural and Caja Laboral.

The event has aimed to show the various financing alternatives which include the companies in this sector. It has given visibility to the initiatives and projects to support credit lines, which both state governments, and European, regional and private initiatives are being launched tohelp businesses to access this funding, which is required for the development of its business or for creating new businesses and jobs.

Alongside Pedreño, at the inaugural ceremony was present, Manuel del Valle, Director General of Industry and the Ministry of Industry SME Energy and Tourism, who has remarked that "in the current crisis one of the key elements to get out of it is to help bank financing", "must grow bank credit, since this fact will increase job creation, " added Del Valle.

Meanwhile, Del Valle has emphasized the smooth operation of the various state structures, in addition to promoting education from creating a curtain that fosters entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial spirit that creates wealth and jobs in the country.

Finally, the Director General of Industry said that "despite the situation of crisis in Spain, foreign exports are growing, and this is the result of increased competitiveness suffered by the Spanish industry", "from address Industry funding will be provided to companies that haveexport orientation, because this will facilitate the country's economic growth, " remarked Manuel Del Valle.